Amazing new "peace of mind" supplement stack
allows you to pack on massive gains "synthetically" and "naturally". . .
the best of both muscle building worlds taking your body to the next 3 levels!

Dear Friend and Hard-Core Bodybuilder,
Finally . . . there’s a bona fide and guaranteed solution to the biggest problem you face in life, the inevitable day when you finally have to go off synthetic anabolic compounds, real prescription steroids, or their close relatives, prohormones and prosteroids.

Listen . . . I know what goes through your mind. You fear losing your gains and you fear the ridicule that will be hurled “behind your back” about how small you’re getting!!

It’s true . . . serious bodybuilding is “dog eat dog”. . . but never fear because you’re about to discover an amazing new supplement stack that actually gets you bigger while you “cycle off” its powerful synthetic???! Now the only “dog” that will be eaten will be the puny one who isn’t smart enough to use this revolutionary program no other company offers!

Now let’s get down to business and outline this very extensive, and well thought out plan to make you literally a freak of nature. However, be forewarned. This is a hard-core stack and is not recommended for someone who just wants to “put on” 10 pounds and get a little cut!

Many users have reported gains

of over 30 pounds of devastating

muscle and some even more!

You’ve been warned,

so don’t’ ask for a refund when

your agent tells you . . .

“You’re just too damn big

to model clothes any more!”

The first “TNT” prong of this Mr. America maker stack is the “synthetic” “ON CYCLE”.

“ON CYCLE” is a potent combination of anabolic/androgenic agents that rapidly accelerate protein synthesis which is the only way muscles grow! Protein synthesis is simply the process of causing the protein you eat . . . to be more directly applied to muscle building. And the ability of your body to do this depends on how much nitrogen from the protein you eat is stored in the muscle cell! And the more “nitrogen retention” in the muscle cell . . . the faster the protein synthesis, and the bigger you get.

And as you surely know . . . testosterone related hormones increase nitrogen retention and thus increases protein synthesis better than anything known to medical science. I mean just look at today’s top bodybuilders! Hell, even the most genetically gifted “brother” doing 25 to life in Cell Block 6 at Attica “training naturally” couldn’t touch the Richie Cunninghams of the world who take the right “juice” . . . and you’re about to find it!

Yeah, that’s the incredible muscle building power of these extremely powerful compounds. In fact, many scientists and doctors are now admitting that anabolic steroids “intensity of effect” on its desired goal (increased protein synthesis) supercedes the “intensity of effects” of virtually any other drug category. (The only exceptions are the morphine based drugs used to treat pain for cancer patients!)

So what we are dealing with here are incredibly strong tools of science that can quite literally . . . completely TRANSFORM you.

(1) 2-TEST-C-THP. This amazing new compound is actually a combination of two, 1-testosterone molecules that are designed to work independently of one another through different pathways . . . thus giving you a double effect of this already "kick-ass" anabolic compound. As you may already know, 1-testosterone by itself is 7 times more anabolic than pure testosterone with virtually no estrogen conversion. It is closely related to primobolan in chemical structure and anabolic activity. 1-testosterone was actually first discovered by G.D. Searle, the original makers of Anavar. With a whopping 200 milligrams per serving, there is absolutely nothing else on the market that comes close in potency.

(2) 4-AD-EMDP (Ether Modified Delivery Protocol). This is a massively potent precursor to testosterone, the “king” of the muscle building hormones. And like all the pro-hormones in “ON CYCLE” it’s been “etherfied” so to speak . . . which is a sophisticated chemical process of enhancing the uptake of pro-hormones by elevating the proper liver enzymes for much higher bio-availability! And “bio-available” testosterone will be in astonishing abundance within several hours of taking this maniac muscle builder.

(3) 19-NOR-4-EMDP. Combining this monster compound (and its unbelievable Nandrolone converting ability) with “2-TEST” and “4-AD” will literally put your nitrogen balance through the roof. Squats and benches will literally “bounce” off your glutes, quads, pecs and tri’s as your quality muscle mass increases by leaps and kangaroo size bounds!

(4) 4-H-ESTROL. This is a vital, vital compound to this stack because potent anti-estrogens make you look incredible. And “looking incredible” means looking hard as a diamond anvil . . . with little, or no water retention to bloat and smooth you out. And “water” comes from having too much estrogen conversion from testosterone related anabolic compounds. But never fear because 4-H-ESTROL crushes estrogen like a size 13 shoe crushes a cockroach . . . obliterating it to the point of almost complete annihilation! Finally . . . you’ll get a steel-like hardness that you’ve never seen before. Now you’ll be BIG, cut, and hard . . . a rare “triple crown” few bodybuilders carry year round!

And in addition to “ON CYCLE’s” incredible array of anabolics, androgenics and anti-estrogenics . . . it also contains three potent DHT blockers which stop the testosterone related compounds in “ON CYCLE” from converting to this nasty molecule that can cause baldness and prostate problems. And even more important, “ON CYCLE” also contains two proven liver detoxifying agents that may help “clean” and assist the liver in metabolizing the steroidal analogues.

Wow, now that’s some “anabolism” going on that will leave you at least 15 – 20 pounds more muscular after just 3-4 weeks of “use”. And a 4 weeks is about all you want to stay on “ON CYCLE” because truth be told (and this is no secret) synthetic anabolics can start to shut down your “nuts” if you stay on them too long!

They do this by suppressing the hypothalamus, the part of your brain responsible for all hormone production. The hypothalamus has what’s called a “negative feedback loop”. The key word is “feedback” because it receives “feedback” from the artificial hormones you take. And since the “feedback” indicates that lots of extra testosterone related hormones are floating around in the blood stream the hypothalamus then goes “negative” thus suppressing natural hormone output. But you never want this to happen because the hypothalamus has a “cascade effect” influencing the function of many other endocrine glands in the body.

The big, big problem though is . . . once you “get on” the synthetics, it’s HARD to go off. You just look too damn good and don’t want to lose any of your new, armor plated muscle.

But you know “that day” has to come . . . (unless you truly want to become a monk!) Chill though . . . because now you can use the most powerful “ON CYCLE” stack right up to the point where it first starts to suppress your natural production . . . then you’ll quickly switch to “OFF CYCLE”. And this is the true genius of this never before revealed muscle building strategy . . . because for the first time your “OFF CYCLE” stack will be just as strong as your “ON CYCLE”! No kidding! And what that means is . . . no more “backsliding” on muscle growth once you go off synthetics like you’ve done in the past.

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more devastating to see than all your hard earned and expensive muscle go down the drain. Listen, bodybuilding costs cash . . . and each pound of muscle represents a “capital investment”. But thanks to this ingenious “OFF CYCLE” stack you’ll preserve “muscular capital” . . . maybe even increase it and here’s why.

“OFF CYCLE” utilizes the synergy of testosterone, anabolic agents, insulin and growth hormone to further ignite your muscle building progress. And “progress” is an understatement. More like “ignite the rapid evolution” of your muscle building because you will truly evolve into a monster when the synergy of these four distinct anabolic “manifesters” that will manifest protein synthesis far beyond what any single one could on its own. Check it out!

(1) TRIB-4-CS. This compound was designed to really kick in test levels. It works by actually blocking enzymes in the brain that control testosterone release. And when these enzymes are blocked, testosterone then becomes more “free-flowing”. Be careful with this one though, because “over dose” can lead to too much natural test release. And when this happens there is a tendency to want to “use it all” in the bedroom instead of the weight room.

(2) INSULOCINE-ALA-DP. Listen, you really don’t know what a “pump is” unless you’ve been under the influence of a strong insulin compound. That’s because insulin acts as a “driving agent” driving glucose, creatine, and aminos into the muscle cell for a “cell volumizing” effect that is unsurpassed by any other anabolic agent on the planet. But listen, and this is very serious. Real prescription insulin can “F” you up. You just want its “good effects” and “good effects” is all you’ll get from this new compound that was formulated specifically to replace synthetic insulin use that’s rampant amongst pro bodybuilders.

(3) ECD-RVSVN. This amazing adaptogenic anabolic agent dramatically increases protein synthesis, speeds recovery of both the nervous and hormone systems, increases oxygen utilization, increases red blood cell production, removes lactic acid, burns fats and induces nutrient partitioning keeping you lean and muscular at all times.

(4) GH-GPC-DOPA (Hybrid Growth Hormone Secretagogue) Now the “coming one” has appeared . . . “growth hormone” the single most influential muscle building hormone of all time. That’s because when you add it to a powerful test enhancer, and anabolic agent . . . plus a potent insulin spiker . . . it turns 10 – 15 pounds of muscle into 20 – 30 pounds of muscle!! Yes, adding “growth” to any cycle of androgens and anabolics nitro charges their effects beyond belief. And this is the exact reason bodybuilders today weigh 290 in contest shape as opposed to 200 pounds 25 years ago. Growth “baby”, and you’re about to get all you can handle . . . and then some, turning you into as “big as you want to be” because GH-GPC-DOPA causes massive internal release of growth by actually blocking a hormone that shuts off growth release. So with Mr. GH Blocker “Blocked”, the GH release induced GH-GPC-DOPA’s powerful secretagogues becomes much more abundant! And you’ll sleep like a baby too . . . ensuring fast recovery after training.

“OFF CYCLE” also contains the same DHT Blocking and liver support as “ON CYCLE” so rest assured you’re covered concerning these two “safety” issues only dumb asses ignore while on a cycle.

Oh, and one more thing. All the compounds in both cycles contain what’s called a “G.I. digestion infusion agent” that dramatically increases their absorption . . . especially the already powerful “ether modified” prohormones in “ON CYCLE”. It’s like adding rocket fuel on top of rocket fuel . . . which will cause almost a “combustive effect” on muscle growth!

OK . . . now there’s no holding you back. All your bodybuilding dreams are about to come through because you will now start to closely resemble the bodybuilding “Gods” you see gracing the covers of the top magazines! Listen . . . contrary to popular belief, a lot of these guys aren’t genetically gifted, it’s a myth . . . they just take the right “stuff”.

However, they do work hard and are disciplined. So if you can provide these two critical components of success, I can provide the “stuff” to accelerate your hard work many, many times faster . . . guaranteed!

So quick, race to the phone now and call 1-800-929-4099 and please have your credit card ready. Operators are waiting to take what will be the most important “muscle building call” you will ever make because for the first time you will be exposed to the most intelligent approach to consistent and rapid muscle growth 365 days a year!

P.S. And if you hurry and are one of the first 375 callers you’ll get a FREE bottle of ON CYCLE that will help build double the muscle and burn twice the body fat . . . making you more ripped than any “brother” in any “joint” . . . and that’s r-i-p-p-e-d my friend!

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